Friday, August 02, 2013

Peyote plants maimed by birds

As mentioned in the post "Growing peyote (and other cacti) on the balcony" I'm experimenting with growing peyote cacti in window flower boxes on my balcony.

Peyote cactus maimed by bird
Peyote cactus maimed by a bird

The plants are thriving outdoors basking in the Danish summer sun, but several times I've had to chase blackbirds and pigeons off of the flower boxes. Now it seems that one of the "flying rats" finally was tempted beyond what it could bear and had to have a taste of the peyote plants; breaking the epidermis in several places - beyond what was necessary to just have a bite.

Bird damaged peyote in flower box
Bird damaged peyote in flower box

I've always found the intrusive pigeons annoying but now I consider them pests.

Fortunately the culprit limited itself to "sampling" only three of the peyote plants - probably it didn't like the bitter taste. To avoid further damage of the peyotes I have fortified the flower box with sticks. Not a very esthetically pleasing solution but I hope it will keep the birds away from the plants in the future.

Fortified flower box with peyote and Acharagma
Fortified flower box with peyote and Acharagma


  1. Damn birds! I hope he've had a belly-ace afterwards...

    Maybe it's an idea to grow some spinier species between your Lophs, so that they can't land or sit.

    Nice plants btw! I'm also growing stuff on my balcony since this year (NL).


  2. Aint it a coincidence. Mine just got peeked. 2 of em to be precise. I spinkled a little sulphuric garden dust. Then I sprayed it withwater a day later I hope it will recover with time


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