Saturday, October 29, 2005

How the Penis Cactus got its name

Yet another slightly off topic and probably not entirely politically correct post, but I couldn’t help noticing the similarity of my monstrose Trichocereus bridgesii (Echinopsis lageniformis) and its more famous namesake ;-)

Penis Cactus / Penis Plant - monstrose Trichocereus bridgesii
Penis Cactus - monstrose Trichocereus bridgesii

According to Uhlig Kakteen the German name for this cultivar is ‘Frauenglück’, IMHO a more poetic description than the English moniker.

Penis Cactus / Penis Plant - monstrose Trichocereus bridgesii - The Full Monty
Penis Plant - The Full Monty

These days I maybe ought to have put a “Warning: Explicit Language” label on a post like this.


  1. that one looks like it actually has a penis head. lol

  2. I don't understand why you jokingly suggest you ought to have put a “Warning: Explicit Language” label on this post, or why you say the post is "not entirely politically correct". It's people like you who bandy about phrases like "politically correct", which you clearly don't know the meaning of, and talk about "explicit language" when there is none, who perpetuate the kind of 'nudge-nudge, wink-wink' attitude to something as simple and everyday as a penis that is keeping the whole of Western civilisation imprisoned in some kind of eternal guilty childhood. Couldn't you have made this post without the kind of red-faced self-conciousness indicated by your two superfluous comments. Sheesh Ganesh!

  3. I’m sorry if the comments pissed you off – they were meant as ironic; apparently that doesn’t come through very well.

    Rest assured I take pride in my penis each and every day... without blushing.

  4. Some of us cactus collectors try to keep a scholarly attitude in our postings. Unfortunately in most schools, penis discussions are not "politically correct". Especially with recent media coverage focusing on teachers getting caught and publicly prosecuted for their inappropriate sexual relationships with their students.

    Furthermore, some non-cactus collectors may scrutinisticly assume that the reason one may collect such a phallical plant is either a perverted attempt at overcompensation for their own genitalia or because they're just a homo. Such scrutiny is unwarranted and objectionable to the collector.

    "Uhuhuhuh he said wang" [/beavis&butthead]

  5. More information about the penis plant cactus is to be found on wikipedia .

    Because this blog is about how this cactus got its name rather than about the penis plant cactus itself; I hope the following poetry adequately illustrates the dilemma of this growing penis head farm , in short order .
    Also , what is your actual interest in the nomenclature of the penis plant ? Do you wish to grow cacti , eat them or cram them up your ass and giggle about the name or appearence of the penis plant ? What makes you tick - cacti or dick ?

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  6. AlphaMoron, the answers to your questions should be evident if you read the rest of my blog...

  7. I own one of these things. It's just a cactus. Calm down.

  8. Wise words – unless it’s me you are asking to chill out ;-)

  9. By the way, this cactus specimen contains various PEA alkaloids, including the most famous mescaline.


  10. thx to the poster above... wanted to know that it also contains mescaline as other Trichocereus cacti

  11. more than you might think... ;¬)

  12. The nature is great when it comes to the creation of organisms. I sometime feel that we are still miles away to still understand the nature.

  13. Where can you buy it's ...uh... seed? Because I've been looking for this rare monstrose. Cactusplaza doesn't have it AFAIK.

    To the hotheads above: some of us get off more on the fact that it's such a rare variety than on the fact that it's shaped like your attitude is. :p

  14. I'm not sure if you actually can get seeds of this variety or if it's a clone entirely propagated by cuttings. I bought my plants from Uhlig-Kakteen several years ago, but it seems like they don't have penis cactus plants in stock any longer.

    The Cactus Art Nursery offers "Trichocereus bridgesii forma mostruosa Clone A" for sale (looking exactly as my plants and described as: This is the short joined form of the famous "Penis Cactus" a strong plant that branches at the base and can slowly grow up to 25 (-40) cm tall)


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