Saturday, January 01, 2000

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  1. I've had about 28 plants for 30 years. Healthy, blooming, etc. One day put them outside in dappled shade. The sun shifted and they got burned and returned with a mustardy yellow sheen on the skin. HALF have died. The others remain and have pushed new heads out, but they are yellow too. I'm spraying them occasionally with light water and plant food, but otherwise drying them out. Could send pictures if you sent a good e-mail, but basically no one can help me identify this malaise other than sunburn. Could be a mite??? Something I could do? I have a good rich soil for them but don't know whether or not to change it? Any advice would be helpful. Was in the peyote church a long time, and these plants are my altar, and it's sad to see my "family" so ill. Thank you. Peter Coyote


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