Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cactus art: Double Cactus / Doppelkaktus

I recently got in contact with the German artist Klaus Weber who works with cacti (among other things) in an artistic context.

Double Cactus by Klaus Weber
Double Cactus by Klaus Weber

Klaus would like to exhibit a Double Cactus in New York, i.e. a piece consisting of two San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi) plants grafted together to form one, mirrored plant similar to the ones pictured in this post. Unfortunately Klaus has encountered problems with bringing the plant(s) into the US from Germany and consequently he is looking for a US resident who can help him recreate the grafted cactus piece “in situ”. If you (or anybody you know) are a skilled grafter with the inclination to collaborate with Klaus on creating a Double Cactus in the states, please get in touch with me.

Another Double Cactus
Another Double Cactus

I'm especially infatuated with the last picture – the cacti that sort of grow into each other, reflected in the mirror they sit on, go perfectly with the pillar that transcends smoothly from the “actual” world into the reality behind the looking glass.

The pictures are used with the kind permission of Klaus Weber.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Lophophora blog turns 5

Five years ago today, this blog started out with a humble test post.

The blog was started in frustration over the limited amount of meaningful information about Lophophora online. It was originally conceived as a Lophophora/peyote only blog, but early on (beginning with the first post, one could argue ;-) the blog segued into a more general cactus blog, covering especially smaller Mexican species. Lately a few pieces of non-cactus related flotsam and jetsam have also drifted onto the blog, but the main focus will not swerve from cacti in general and the Lophophora genus specifically.

I hope the blog has met its objectives and provided the reader with (at least a few bits of ;-) relevant information on the Lophophora genus.

Seeing the initial test post again reminds me that I have loads of pictures from my visit to the Joshua Tree National Park that I would like to share – maybe in a future post ;-)

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