Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Lophophora blog turns 5

Five years ago today, this blog started out with a humble test post.

The blog was started in frustration over the limited amount of meaningful information about Lophophora online. It was originally conceived as a Lophophora/peyote only blog, but early on (beginning with the first post, one could argue ;-) the blog segued into a more general cactus blog, covering especially smaller Mexican species. Lately a few pieces of non-cactus related flotsam and jetsam have also drifted onto the blog, but the main focus will not swerve from cacti in general and the Lophophora genus specifically.

I hope the blog has met its objectives and provided the reader with (at least a few bits of ;-) relevant information on the Lophophora genus.

Seeing the initial test post again reminds me that I have loads of pictures from my visit to the Joshua Tree National Park that I would like to share – maybe in a future post ;-)


  1. Congrats on five years! I tell you when I Google a plant and find a good blog with great info on the plant I'm searching for, I am most excited. I think you did a good thing and hats off to you for sticking with it!

  2. Happy 5th Birthday! Keep the posts coming, we love them!

  3. Happy birthday!! Many happy returns of the day. Your posts have enriched my mind and my gardening forever.

  4. Happy birthday :) Been reading over RSS forever, and your photos and articles are wonderful.

    Have you thought about taking photos of your entire collection in one single shot?

  5. Happy Birthday! Always a useful and interesting blog. Keep it coming.


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