Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Peyote in the sky...

Time flies... as do the clouds in the above video. 8 years ago today this blog was started off with a test post featuring a picture of a field of Cylindropuntia bigelovii photographed in Joshua Tree National Park (maybe I should do another C. bigelovii post as I have lots of beautiful pictures from that and later visits to the park ;-)

As a curiosity it can be mentioned that I broke the shutter of my old Nikon D70 doing the above time-lapse video a couple of years ago. The video is rather short (as the shooting ended prematurely) and doesn't show the flower unfold, but I thought it would fit nicely with this post, illustrating the passing of precious time.

If the video doesn't embed properly you can view it in a separate window by clicking the picture below.

Peyote in the sky...
Peyote in the sky...

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