Monday, October 03, 2005

Strombocactus disciformis (SB174)

The Mesa Garden plant catalogue has always had the same effect on me as a candy store has on a kid – I want to buy it all. EU regulations make it rather difficult and expensive to import cacti from the US to Denmark, so visiting California I took the opportunity and ordered a batch of plants from Steven Brack to be delivered at my hotel. The two Strombocactus disciformis (SB174 Vizarron, Queretaro) pictured below and a selection of winter hardy Opuntias are now with me in Denmark.

Strombocactus disciformis (SB174 Vizarron, Queretaro)
Strombocactus disciformis (SB174 Vizarron, Queretaro)

The Strombos are approximately 1.5 cm (~0.6’’) in diameter and seven years from seed.


  1. why buy in America? There are plenty of cactus growers in the Netherlands who grow Strombocactus disciformis and sell plants. Also larger ones.
    Much cheaper to send and no custom problems to Danmark.

  2. First of all I like Steven Brack's plants - he offers a large selection of extremely hard grown plants, most with locality information (which I appreciate in general, but knowing a plants origin is especially helpful if you are looking for varieties that will tolerate frost). Secondly, as the post says, I had the plants delivered while visiting California so shipping and handling was probably not as much as I would have paid for having plants shipped from the Netherlands to Denmark ;-)

    That being said I'm also buying plants from Dutch, German, and Czech vendors... still, in my book Mesa Garden is second to none ;-)


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